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In the middle of the Randstad in the "green heart" just 5 minutes from Schiphol

Spelend meisje Amsterdam

Cycling and walking

Explore the area by bike, plenty of horticulture, water and beautiful cycling and hiking trails that take you far into the area. A day out in Leiden, Amsterdam, Haarlem it's all doable.


Hillegom on the water, Ommetje Oude Beek, Boot Paths or a breath of fresh air on the beach. Everything is easily accessible from our apartment.

Boating, Surfing and Canoeing

Prefer to be on the water? With its beautiful location between the Kaag, Braassem and Westereinder lakes, the Municipality of Kaag & Braassem is a fantastic environment for water sports enthusiasts.

You can sail here for days, discover new routes every day and in the evening, relax and recover on the private terrace of our apartment.

Binnenhof Den Haag

Discover the cities

Amsterdam, The Hague, Leiden or Haarlem, they all have something special. In addition to a rich history, it also has a contemporary role. Visit the courtyard, go back in time in the prison museum or take the tram. The Rijksmuseum, the beach, the shopping street of Leiden or rather to Haarlem with the oldest museum in the Netherlands.

We would love to help you.... 

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